Cooking Verbs (Set of 1, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 verbs) Kitchen Border Vinyl Decal Hover to zoom, click to view full size.

Cooking Verbs (Set of 1, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 verbs) Kitchen Border Vinyl Decal

  • 800

$8 - SINGLE VERB (1 verb) for strategic placement in your house (up to 16" long)
$12 - THREE PACK (3 verbs) when one just isn't enough (up to 2-3' long)
$19 - ONE LINE (6 verbs) for a smaller area (approximately 5' long depending on verbs)
$33 - TWO LINES (12 verbs) for a larger area (approximately 10' long depending on verbs)
$45 - THREE LINES (18 verbs) for a larger area (approximately 15' long depending on verbs)
$55 - FOUR LINES (24 verbs) for a larger area (approximately 20' long depending on verbs)
$63 - FIVE LINES (30 verbs) for a larger area (approximately 25' long depending on verbs)
$70 - ALL VERBS (36 verbs) for a whole room border (approximately 30' long)

For any of the options, you may specify in the comments during checkout which verb(s) you would like. We can't guarantee the order that you request the verbs will be the order that you get, but you can always cut up the lines to get the exact layout you wish. If none are specified, we may try and contact you to request them. If we don't get a response, we'll assume you like to live a little on the wild side and ship you random verbs.

This decal ships in the following configurations - see second photo for all words and lines.
SINGLE VERB - 1 piece
THREE VERBS - 1 piece
ONE LINE - 1 piece
TWO LINES - 2 pieces
THREE LINES - 3 pieces
FOUR LINES - 4 pieces
FIVE LINES - 5 pieces
ALL VERBS - 6 pieces

Each word varies in height from 3" to 4.5" (some have taller tails in the g's and y's, etc.) and the widths vary by word. **

If you would like a different size - please message us and we will get you cost based on how much smaller you request*

If you would like more than one color, please send us a message or custom order request - note the request of more than one color in an order comes with an additional charge due to the extra use of vinyl and labor.

Up to 1 additional dot per line is shipped with each order to provide extra / back up dots - this supports your creativity! We suggest the order shown but you could use a good pair of scissors and apply this to suit your own creative whims.

* High Quality Vinyl (Outdoor Guarantee - Black/White/Gloss 6-year - Metallic 4-year - Matte 3-year)
* Safe for indoor and outdoor usage
* Fully removable but not reusable
* "Die-cut" designs allow background to show through (no material between colors)

* A free application guide comes with every order or can be downloaded from -
* Make sure that that the surface you are applying the vinyl to is clean and dry
* If the surface has been freshly painted, allow 2-3 weeks for the paint to dry before applying
* Take care not to touch the back of the vinyl when applying as the oils on your skin can cause the vinyl to not adhere
* For best results make sure that the application surface is between 50 and 90 degrees F

With all of the listings that we maintain, the available colors (in the selection drop-downs) may not be updated real-time. The color chart on each listing will show the possible colors that we may or may not have in-stock at the moment. Please note your color selection during checkout.

We show decals as close to their real size as possible. They are not always 100% to scale. Please review the measurements listed above to verify the decal's size satisfies you. If you need another size or font, please send us a message and we will be pleased to create a listing just for you.

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