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1" x 1" Sample Square

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If you are unsure on what a color will actually look like, order a sample before you place your order. It's cheap and will save a lot of frustration if you don't like the color.

Each sample measures approximately 1" W x 1" H.

We try to ship these in 1 business day to get them too you sooner.

Each sample is only $0.25 and you only pay shipping on the first one. If you end up placing an order after receiving the sample(s), we will subtract the entire cost of the samples including the shipping charges (except on orders under $20 and all international orders). Please mention that you ordered a sample when you place your actual order. We don't always catch the previous order and may not refund the difference without a note.

If you order something from us and you would like a sample for a future order, please let us know and we will just throw it in with the order (don't add it to your cart or you will be charged for it).

NOTE: Please limit sample(s) to 1 per color (matte and gloss in the same color are fine).

* High Quality Vinyl (Outdoor Guarantee - Black/White/Gloss 6-year - Metallic 4-year - Matte 3-year)
* Safe for indoor and outdoor usage
* Fully removable but not reusable
* "Die-cut" designs allow background to show through (no material between colors)

* A free application guide comes with every order or can be downloaded from -
* Make sure that that the surface you are applying the vinyl to is clean and dry
* If the surface has been freshly painted, allow 2-3 weeks for the paint to dry before applying
* Take care not to touch the back of the vinyl when applying as the oils on your skin can cause the vinyl to not adhere
* For best results make sure that the application surface is between 50 and 90 degrees F

With all of the listings that we maintain, the available colors (in the selection drop-downs) may not be updated real-time. The color chart on each listing will show the possible colors that we may or may not have in-stock at the moment. Please note your color selection during checkout.

We show decals as close to their real size as possible. They are not always 100% to scale. Please review the measurements listed above to verify the decal's size satisfies you. If you need another size or font, please send us a message and we will be pleased to create a listing just for you.

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