Set of 2 Customized Mailbox Address Vinyl Decal

  • 1900

This set of (2) mailbox vinyls (one for each side of the mailbox) is 5.5" H x 12" W (each).

Please note: vinyl may not adhere to plastic mailboxes as some use micro-texturing. If you're unsure you can order one of our sample decals and give it a try prior to ordering this decal. See below COLORS section for more information.

If no notes are included with the order, we will use your shipping address and name (plural - e.g. 'es') for the order. If you specify a name in the order, unless otherwise noted by you, we will print it in the plural (with "es" or "s" as applicable).

* High Quality Vinyl (Outdoor Guarantee - Black/White/Gloss 6-year - Metallic 4-year - Matte 3-year)
* Safe for indoor and outdoor usage
* Fully removable but not reusable
* "Die-cut" designs allow background to show through (no material between colors)

* A free application guide comes with every order or can be downloaded from -
* Make sure that that the surface you are applying the vinyl to is clean and dry
* If the surface has been freshly painted, allow 2-3 weeks for the paint to dry before applying
* Take care not to touch the back of the vinyl when applying as the oils on your skin can cause the vinyl to not adhere
* For best results make sure that the application surface is between 50 and 90 degrees F

With all of the listings that we maintain, the available colors (in the selection drop-downs) may not be updated real-time. The color chart on each listing will show the possible colors that we may or may not have in-stock at the moment. Please note your color selection during checkout.

We show decals as close to their real size as possible. They are not always 100% to scale. Please review the measurements listed above to verify the decal's size satisfies you. If you need another size or font, please send us a message and we will be pleased to create a listing just for you.

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